Monday, March 10, 2014

SOL 10 of 31 -- 10 Things Right Now

      Borrowing from Be Inspired two days ago, 
here is my list of The Ten Things On My Mind Right Now.

1.     Extended Family: My grandparents-in-law need extra help right now; grandma just got a pacemaker and after 4 days in the hospital, can’t walk much anymore. 

2.     Home Business: I’ve started a virtual franchise with Juice Plus and am struggling with setting my goals.  Do I want to turn this into a million dollar business? Probably not.  But how much less?  I like learning about business (totally different than teaching) but I am extremely uncomfortable and shy about selling. 

3.     School: I get to prepare curriculum for a new course I’ll be teaching in a couple of weeks: American Presidents Trivial Pursuit. 

4.     School: I also need to propose sixteen courses for next school year.  Some of them (maybe half?) could be ones I’ve taught before.  Anyone have ideas of interesting social science topics? 

5.     School: I have assessments to write for the end of this quarter.  Three courses: War, Almost History and Ancient Inventions.  A total of 34 students.

6.     Unfinished projects: I attended a family wedding in August 2013 and STILL have not sent the gift.  The gift is a large shadow box with photos and mementos of the wedding.  I need to print and add the photos; then get it shipped to Maine.

7.     Tutoring: It’s about time to write progress reports for my tutees. 

8.     Around the House: The weather has been warm and sunny for three days. The garden is calling to me!

9.     Immediate Family:  Husband is sick. He’s up at night coughing and coughing.  He’s stressed, exhausted and miserable.

10.   Immediate Family: How do I get a picky three-year-old to eat more vegetables? AND Did I really get through the time change without disrupting my preschooler’s schedule?  How can I duplicate that next time?  Why do even have time changes anyway?!


  1. Just typing this list helps you visualize taking care of these things. Hope your husband and grandma-in-law feel better soon!

  2. Lots of things going on in your life, Susan. Sorry Max has that nasty cough-not fun for anyone. I was tired at one part of the day today, then got past it, guess it was DST time! There are different versions of why, farmers, retailers, more leisure time, etc. Hope you life settles down a little more, & good luck with the business!

  3. It's impressive that you got through the time change so easily. We are still very grumpy around here. For the sake of parents everywhere, I think we should just stay on DST year-round.

    And the business ... you are a braver woman than I! I hope you find creative ways to approach it in a way that works for you.

  4. You are marvelous at all you do and do so well!