Sunday, March 9, 2014

SOL 9 of 31 - Onions and Worms

I spent the afternoon in the back yard.

These are my four garden boxes.
Here is a page from my garden journal.

I made plans for the vegetable garden.  I'll plant spinach, kale, carrots, and arugula tomorrow.  In a week or two, I'll add peas, lettuce, radishes, onions, chard, sage, dill and rosemary.

In mid-April I'll add basil, cilantro, cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower.

On Mothers' Day I'll add peppers, tomatoes and pole beans.

In July, beets will replace the peas.

It's not so overwhelming if it's broken up into small chunks like this!

I can already taste the fresh garden salads we'll be having this summer!

And I'm prepared for the weeks of worry once I get seeds in the ground:
"Will they make it?"
"Is it too cold tonight for them?"
"Is there enough moisture for them? Should I turn the hose on for a few minutes?"

After I removed the slash from last season's harvest, I found many scallions!

With a little digging, I found this small worm. Ahh! It's truly spring!
A little more digging gets me a bigger worm. 

And in the compost pile: the BIGGEST worm!

The thing I noticed about worms in March is that they don't move!  They would have remained basking in the sun, posing for many more photos, and gradually drying up if I hadn't buried them.

Look at the March harvest! 
 The thing I noticed about the green onions is that they had a marvelous aroma and a deliciously spicy flavor.

Last year I was harvesting spinach in February.

What I love about gardening is that it has so many surprises!


  1. I love the conversational tone and chronological format of this slice. Good luck. It is so rewarding to eat fresh from the garden.

  2. Love those worms-I think they kind of hibernate, don't they? Your garden boxes look great, Susan, & love that you found the scallions. I think I should try a few of those black garden boxes this year at least, unless I have to worry about the bunnies! Thanks for all the pics!

    1. I have to worry about squirrels. Last year, the squirrels got ALL our squash (pumpkins, zucchini, summer squash and cucumbers). They also went for the tomatoes but we had such an abundance of those that there was enough for us all. I'm going to skip the squash garden this year. :( Are there certain crops bunnies don't eat? If I were you, I'd research that first and plant what has the best chance for survival!

  3. Amazing that you are able to start gardening! I live 4 hours from you in the mountains and I won't see my garden box for months! I am also envious that you are able to a variety of veggies...for the most part, we are limited to leafy greens and root veggies!

  4. Not only do you have a shorter growing season, you also have those pesky deer!