Tuesday, March 4, 2014

SOL 4 of 31 -- Lullabies on the Roof

We sat on the back step
with our umbrellas up
(me with the green umbrella;
 you with the blue and yellow giraffe umbrella).
We traded them back and forth every couple of minutes.
At first, the drops were slow and large
making polka-dots on the patio.
Then the rain came and went in waves of heaviness
“Do you hear it?” I asked. “It sounds like ocean waves.”
“Mmm-hmm,” you say.  “It makes lullabies on the roof.”
Rain dripped off your umbrella and landed on the lap of my red dress.
We lasted out there for about 5 minutes
and giggled our way back inside.

(c)  Susan Maclay


  1. This is just beautiful. I love so many of these lines, especially "polka-dots on the patio" and the comparison of rain coming and going in waves to the sound of the ocean -- and the response! "Lullabies on the roof" Priceless!

  2. Oh, I loved it Susan! So perfect...lullabies on the roof.

  3. Beautiful memory, Susan. I love that you put in the dialogue!