Friday, March 7, 2014

SOL 7 of 31 - Dream Job


Intelligent, highly organized and efficient adult with graduate degree and teaching experience searching for a new career that provides autonomy with flexible hours and a competitive salary, requires creativity and a team approach in working with children.  Must also provide continuing education and/or professional development, daily time outdoors and allow for continuous reflection and risk-taking. Must offer positive incentives and frequent acknowledgement of my hard work, dedication and success. And my work must have significant impact on the lives of others and/or make the world a happier place.



  1. Hm-m, wonder what it could be, & where would someone find such a wonderful job? Love it, Susan, maybe we should use it for our open position?

  2. On one level this description sounds like that of being a parent. On the other level I wish I had an excellent practical idea for you. I've always envied those who know exactly what they are meant to do. In regards to the writing itself, I love how thoughtful you were in constructing this. It flowed and felt so genuine.

  3. Love the compactness, yet impactful use of the words. Sounds like what teaching was many many many years ago!