Wednesday, March 19, 2014

SOL 19 of 31 -- Why Blogging?

I am a private person.
I am a perfectionist.
An introvert, thinker, observer.
Why open my writer's notebook to the world?
Why invite everyone to see my imperfect work?
Writing is fun and easy; blogging is unnatural.
Still after 19 days, it feels brand new.
It exhausts me to live each day constructing a new post.

So why do I do it?
I enjoy this writing community.
I am loyal to my commitments.
If I'm ever going to publish anything, I've got to break out of my shell!
I trust that I'll learn something from this experience by the end of the month.

Why do you do it?


  1. Sorry I didn't get to this yesterday. I like the community too, and I like the writing. That's why!

    1. Don't apologize about not getting to read this. I look forward to having your audience, but I certainly don't expect it every day!

  2. I totally understand what you mean in this post. It feels unnatural to open up in such a public arena. I especially struggle with the knowledge that my students will be able to read what I write. It makes me feel very vulnerable. And that, I think, is a main reason why I am blogging.