Monday, March 3, 2014

SOL 3 of 31 -- Dear Crocus

March 3, 2014

Dear Crocus,                     
I want to thank you for your visit today; it was a welcomed surprise.  It was just snowing yesterday—I’m glad the cold did not delay you.  I’ve heard that March is our snowiest month, but it seems you are unconcerned.  For this I am very grateful. 

Your visit inspired me to work in the vegetable garden.  I’ve been staring at the crisp skeletons of last year’s crops all winter and had recently begun to think of clearing them out of the beds.  But until I saw your vibrant green, purple and yellow colors, it had felt like a chore. I was so energized by your sign of new life that I could do nothing else but turn the soil in my garden and look for other signs of spring. 

I found green leaves at the base of the Shasta daisies.  I watched a sunbathing spider scurry along the wooden garden box, deftly avoiding all the shadows.  I saw green strawberry leaves peeking out from under the blanket of leaves.  Little green swords of iris leaves are shooting up out of the winter brown ground.  And now, the red and brown finches have appeared at the bird feeder, squawking and diving and spreading seed all over the patio.  My two cats watch attentively from inside the window with twitchy whiskers and tails. 

Thanks again, Crocus, for your visit today. I’m sure that you are pleased by the weather forecast this week; there should be at least five more days just like today. I look forward to seeing you and your friends often over the next several weeks.




  1. I needed to read your words today! They gave me hope as I sat inside all day, watching 6 inches of snow fall in VA. Thank you!

  2. It was a huge change from yesterday for sure, wasn't it? I see a few green things peeking up, too, Susan. Thanks for sharing all you saw in your garden.