Thursday, March 13, 2014

SOL 13 of 31 -- I've been phished

My list of things to do was growing exponentially.
Clara was stirring from her nap, about to join me downstairs.
My stomach was becoming grumbly.

I was working as fast as I could.
A new email message arrived:
     "Your AppleID was used to download World War Z"
Now, Apple and itunes and icloud have baffled me for a good long while:
I never log in, I never view an account online,
I don't even know their homepage web address,
I just magically connect to the store (?) through the itunes on my desktop --
The only thing I know is that I did not download World War Z.
I clicked on the link.
The page I landed on was confusing.
Clara wanted me to play with her NOW.
I entered the info but kept looping back to the same page.
I could not find a place to change my password.
Play NOW, Mama!

After talking to Apple Support,
I realized my mistake:
it probably wasn't really Apple contacting me.

I am totally embarrassed.
I knew better than to click on a link in an email,
I knew better than to haphazardly give away a credit card number.
My hands shake, my face turns hot, my heart pounds.
Angry and embarrassed.

And now I've created a mountain from a molehill.
To undo all that,
the list of things to do has grown again.


  1. Oh no! Those scam emails are getting trickier -- in a busy moment it's so easy to click without double checking! Hope it all sorts out easily for you.

  2. I've done it too, twice on twitter, Susan. I'm sorry. Why do they work so hard to do what's wrong? Argh!

  3. Ugh, what a pain. I love how you conveyed the confusion & clutter of this moment, though!